by Lombard Odier

Absorbing Risk: How cities are turning into flood water sponges

Cities across the world are turning themselves into vast sponges. Custom built wetlands, rooftop gardens that filter or recycle water, and porous building materials are just three ways that Sponge Cities are preparing for the water emergencies, and soaring insurance costs, brought about by climate change.


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Could car subscription services disrupt the auto industry?

Patrick McGee Reporting, San Franscico Correspondent, FT

Car subscription services, an alternative to owning or leasing a car, are gathering speed. As the FT’s Patrick McGee explains, it could hugely disrupt the traditional car ownership model. But not only that, the combination of subscription models, 3D-printed cars made from recyclable materials, and the growth of electric vehicles could form the building blocks of a genuine circular economy for the car industry.

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