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The ESG investment backlash is beginning to have an impact

An ESG backlash from the American right is gathering steam. But others are also criticising the ESG agenda and these complaints are having an impact.

How the buyout of Morrisons turned into a costly blunder

Why did the UK's largest leveraged buyout deal in a decade end up costing Goldman Sachs and others hundreds of millions of pounds?

by Rabobank

Full Harvest: the online marketplace that is reinventing the supply chain

A B2B procurement platform in California is digitising the produce supply chain. What is the impact on growers, farmers and the environment?

by Iberdrola

How technology is helping protect the wine sector from climate change

The wine sector is facing several challenges due to extreme weather events. An agrovoltaic pilot project in Spain will determine whether renewable energy can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

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