Are profits still a good thing?

Uber. Lyft. Snap. These US tech groups floated with multibillion-dollar valuations, yet all of them made losses last year, one-offs excluded. But tech successes such as Google and Facebook have made investors more willing to wait for companies to turn a profit. Meanwhile, the profit motive itself is under attack for fostering inequality. In light of this, the FT’s Jonathan Guthrie asks, “Are profits still a good thing?”


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by UBS
Robotaxis: rollout, returns and the impact on mass transit

UBS Evidence Lab developed a simulation model for a fleet of taxis in NYC which concluded that the global market could be worth more than two trillion dollars by the end of 2030. Mass adoption of robotaxis will have far-reaching implications across many industries; new sector revenue streams, from ride-sharing to semiconductors, telecoms, tyres to battery makers industry, and car makers and their suppliers.

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