Can we find a replacement for natural rubber?

High performance tyres are still made predominantly from natural rubber, but some experts predict shortages as soon as the 2030s. Now, tyre companies and researchers are looking for alternatives, which include Russian dandelions and the Guayule shrub, as well as more resilient synthetic rubber.


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by Strategy&, part of the PwC network
Reinventing Energy

The energy sector is undergoing huge transformation, Adrian Del Maestro, Director at Strategy& outlines how our dreams of a cleaner, greener, more efficient world will be driven by the consumer but can only be achieved by governments, businesses and society working together, whilst, Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy and Materials at the World Economic Forum observes how some smaller countries are well on the path to delivering more sustainable and affordable energy systems while other larger countries still have a long way to go to accelerate the clean energy solutions of the future.

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