by Altran

Mind-controlled robots: the factories of the future?

The ability to control the physical world with your mind using a brain-computer interface or a mind machine has traditionally been focused on health care, and more recently the gaming industry. Now, thanks to cutting-edge technology pioneered by Altran, these applications are set to transform the way man and machine communicate on the factory floor.


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by Altran
Hyperloop: designing the future of transport?

Elon Musk hopes to revolutionise public transport with Hyperloop - a system capable of speeds of more than 1200 kilometres per hour with zero emissions. Musk’s company Space X is running a student competition to advance the technology. Hyperloop UPV, a team from the Technical University of Valencia in Spain, are working round the clock testing all the key components of their pod, which they hope will propel them to victory.

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