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FT Tech 4.0 is a video channel exploring the future of industry, business and society, explored through the technological shifts transforming them - from AI and autonomous vehicles, to drones and digital trade.

As digital innovation evolves at an unprecedented pace, this series explores the technological shifts transforming industry, business and society.


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Taking on challengers: how established consumer goods companies need to rethink their strategy in an evolving market

For big, established consumer-products manufacturers, growing - or even just maintaining - market share has become a bigger task than ever as the rise of so-called challenger brands make inroads into mature markets.

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Delivery drones: the battle for airborne supremacy heats up

The race for delivery drones is gathering speed. Walmart, Amazon, Uber and DHL are among the companies aiming to get items to people more quickly and cheaply, especially in traffic-congested cities.

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Exploring the future of industry and the technologies transforming the way we make things.


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Robot teams are tech's next frontier

There are 2m industrial robots globally and that number is growing rapidly. The next step in their evolution is getting them to work together, rather than repeating a single task over and over.

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How graphene could change billions of lives

Graphene is a two-dimensional form of carbon one molecule thick that was discovered in 2004. It’s incredibly thin, light and strong and has numerous potential applications.

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