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Sport has become one of the biggest global business stories of recent times. FT Scoreboard offers analysis of the deals behind the games, the billionaire club owners, media giants, tech companies and entrepreneurial players that are transforming the world's biggest leagues. This FT channel series has been produced by independent reporting from Financial Times journalists.
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The Newcastle United takeover: a far from straightforward deal

The takeover of Newcastle United in a deal led by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund has been welcomed by many of the club’s fans. But it’s hardly been a straightforward deal.

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Tennis: the players struggling to break even

The FT talks to the governing bodies in what is a fragmented sport, and follows two players fighting to get to the top and get paid.

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Sports NFTs: collectors, players and leagues cash in on the action

The market for sports NFTs is set to reach two billion dollars in 2022.

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Football: the business case for the women's game

The FT examines whether a successful women's game depends on the men.

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NIL: the revolution in US college sports

University sports stars can now make money from their name, image and likeness - but will they ever get paid to play?

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